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Sod is sod. It's all the same. Not anymore. Read on.

We have been growing turf since 1969. In the past we have tried mixing ryegrass with bluegrass and have also tried mixing fescue with bluegrass, but did not achieve the quality of turf that we are accustomed to. Therefore, we only offer 100% elite quality bluegrass sod. Our "Elite"seed costs over $3.50/lb and we buy several thousand pounds per year. We buy our seed from Summit Seed and United Seeds. Why don't we buy our seed from big-box stores for a lot less? It's not the same quality. Why don't we skip the expense of reseeding our fields by just letting it regrow from the roots left after harvesting? Because the 2nd crop from the original seeding does not equal the quality of the new seeding. By now you have probably come to the conclusion that Oleson Sod Company is very concerned with quality and freshness. Why? A long time ago it was brought to our attention that 20% of consumers base their buying on the lowest price and 80% of consumers base their buying on quality and service. That's why.

Our sod will tolerate about 60% shade. If your yard does not receive approximately 4 hours of sunlight during the day, then the density of plants will thin out over time. Pruning trees can improve sunlight to the turf.

Our sod is sold in small and big rolls. Small rolls are 5' x 2' or 10 sq. ft. each. A half-ton pickup truck will haul about 600 sq. ft. Our sod is cut to order so that we can assure freshness. The shorter the time from harvest to installation, the less stress to the plant. In general sod should be installed within 24 hours of being harvested. If you see sod for sale at a box store ask yourself, "How long ago was that sod harvested?" Our big rolls are approximately 2' x 100' or 200 sq. ft. each. Fork lifts and specialized machines are required to install the big rolls therefore big rolls are not available for do-it-yourself homeowner installations.

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